Media monitoring (press-clipping)

Project goal

News Monitoring is a TNS Russia’s project, enabling our customers to receive up-to-date information to keep track of messages in the media. The project data are an important tool to monitor one’s competitors’ activity, analyze published materials, and evaluate informational space and efficiency of completed advertising and PR campaigns.

Our specialists prepare monitoring reports and analysis of media information according to set-up parameters, individually selected and agreed with each client.

Advantages of TNS News Monitoring project:

  • Individual approach to a client’s needs. Reports are prepared on the basis of goals and business tasks of a client. We understand specialty of our partners’ activities and, together with a client, select the best set of parameters for analysis.
  • Saving time of a client. Our clients do not have to spend time on inventing the correct wording of a search query. All the reports are made by TNS specialists upon corrected parameters. The clients receive a ready final report with chosen regularity.
  • Efficacy. The materials of printed issues, necessary for a report, come to the project executioners even before distribution of printed versions while transcripts of TV plots are available in 60 minutes after broadcast.
  • Comfortable usage. Clients get access to all completed reports through special software with intuitively understandable interface and possibility of access via the Internet.
  • Wide opportunities to monitor information in the media.
  • Flexibility of the system. Technology TNS Media Intelligence enables to include any web-sites and RSS in monitoring according to a client’s request.  

  • Within the project we process:
    • Contents of over 600 federal and regional printed editions;
    • Broadcasting of 22 federal and Moscow radio stations; 
    • Over 500 web-sites of news agencies and RSS;
    • Television broadcasting of all federal and Moscow TV channels as well as over 300 regional channels in 28 cities of the Russian Federation.

  • Update rate and the data formats
    • Depending on a customer’s needs, informational reports are made on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
    • As a rule, a standard report contains information about the total number of references, ad equivalent of publications, dynamics of informational activity and its distribution among particular media, informational events, etc. The project analysts are also able to include the media audience data (TV, radio, periodicals, the Internet) in the reports to make additional analysis of PR efficiency of informational events possible.


Elena Turchannikova
Project manager of news monitoring

+7 (495) 788-85-48


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