Creative ideas monitoring

Project goal

Monitoring of creative ideas (advertisement samples) is necessary to evaluate the competitive landscape, trace strategies of the competitors’ creativity, and prove the facts of advertisement publications in media.

In the process of work on the TNS Media Intelligence projects of advertising and media monitoring, a data base of TV, radio, periodicals, outdoors, and the Internet advertisement samples is formed.

Software features

  • Special software TNS iCreative contains data base in Russian and English languages enabling to:
  • Get access to the data via Internet browser;
  • View and download advertisement samples;
  • Select ads according to set-up parameters;
  • Save search topics at the TNS server; 
  • Receive notifications about new ads on; 
  • Order advertisement samples, etc.  

Update rate and parameters of the data formats  

  • For TV advertising, the data are uploaded to the TNS server in AVI format and update daily. 
  • Data base of printed ads contains layouts of printed advertisements. The information updates once a month for the previous one. 
  • Radio ads samples update daily and are saved in WAV format. 
  • Outdoor ads for the previous month can be accessed in JPEG format, updating on the 20th day of each month. 
  • Internet banners are uploaded weekly and can be arranged according to various parameters.  

Geographic reach

Presently, advertisement samples within data base iCreative are available about Moscow only. 


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