Project goal

The project of television monitoring provides the customers with information, essential for audit of advertising campaigns, evaluation of the television advertising market amounts, and expenditures for television advertising.

Research method

The project of television advertising monitoring was launched in 1995. Presently we analyze TV channels of 30 cities in the Russian Federation as well as satellite broadcasting (‘Zero’ orbit).

In total, we monitor over 700 TV companies, including 20 federal and about 180 local ones.

Since 2006, the monitoring has included topical TV channels. Presently, 64 specialized topical channels participate in the project. Since 2008, the monitoring has involved the 'Zero' orbit, i.e. federal TV channels with satellite broadcasting over the European part of Russia. The above monitoring covers over 20 network TV companies.

All the video records are processed on a centralized basis. For each broadcasted event its title, starting time and length are registered; for each clip we define its advertiser, brand, and product category.

On the basis of official TV companies and media advertisement sellers pricing, we evaluate the cost of each advertising placement. With the help of that information, the customers are able to evaluate expenditures for its placement.

Special projects

TNS Media Intelligence also realizes several special monitoring projects:

  • Monitoring of an extended sponsorship, registering all kings of sponsored advertising. We monitor Moscow and ‘Zero’ orbit broadcasting at the following TV channels: Domashniy, NTV, the First Channel, Petersburg – the 5th Channel, Ren-TV, Russia 1, Russia 2, CTC, TV Centertext, TNT.
  • Monitoring of TV teasers has been arranged since 2002. Information on the following TV channels: Domashniy, DTV, Zvezda, MUZ TV, NTV, the First Channel, Petersburg – the 5th Channel, Ren-TV, Russia 1, CTC, TV Centertext, TNT is available.
  • Monitoring of music videos at the MUZ TV channel has been organized since 2002. The data contain a musical composition's title, name of the artist, and the time of broadcasting.

Geographic reach

Presently, we monitor television broadcasting in more than 30 Russian cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg.  

Update rate

The project data come either as printed reports or in the format of the special data base software Palomars AdEx.  

  • Monitoring data of networking and Moscow television broadcasting are supplied daily for the previous day with evaluation in 48 hours; 
  • The data from Russian regions come daily on the 4th day; 
  • Special projects data are supplied on daily or weekly basis. 


Vadim Kukushkin
Operational director

+7 (495) 935-87-18


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