Project goal

The project of radio advertising monitoring provides the customers with a possibility to arrange audit of advertising campaigns, evaluate radio advertising amounts and expenditures for radio advertising.

As a rule, the project data are used by advertising agents and advertisers as well as by other representatives of the advertisement and media market.

Research method

Monitoring of radio advertising has been arranged since the April of 1998. Presently, within the project we monitor broadcasting of 52 radio stations in Moscow, 25 radio stations in St. Petersburg, and 15 radio stations in Sochi.

In the process of information gathering, for each radio station we provide non-stop daily digital record of broadcasting.

Further on, for each broadcasting event we register its title, starting time, and length. For each advertising clip we register its advertiser, brand, and product category. For 3.5 months, TNS Media Intelligence archives keep records of the whole monitored radio stations broadcasting.

On the basis of official radio stations pricing for each issue of an advertisement, we evaluate the cost of each advertising placement. With the help of that information, the customers are able to evaluate expenditures for its placement.

Special projects:

  • Since the middle of 2006, an extended monitoring of sponsored radio advertising has been arranged. Presently, 15 radio stations participate in the project; 
  • Monitoring of music compositions on the radio has been organized since the September of 2007. The project registers a music composition's title, name of the artist, and the time of broadcasting in the air of 26 radio stations.

Geographic reach

The monitoring includes over 50 radio stations in Moscow, 25 radio stations in St. Petersburg, and 15 radio stations in Sochi.

Update rate

Monitoring information is prepared both on daily and monthly basis for the previous week. The monitoring results information comes either as printed reports or as electronic data base in the format of the special software Palomars AdEx. 


Julia Nikolaeva
Head of research sector of the radio

+7 (495) 788-85-48


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