Project goal

The project of periodicals advertising monitoring enables our customers to analyze the advertising market structure according to advertisers, brands, product categories, and periodicals. The information is used mainly to evaluate advertisement budgets in periodicals, prove the fact of an advertisement publication, and receive printed advertisement samples.

Research method

Specialists of the periodicals advertising monitoring register all the advertising materials of commercial publications. For each advertisement item over 1/16 of A4, they indicate title, format, position in the publication, advertiser, advertised brand, and the product category. All smaller advertisements are registered as classifieds. Advertisement modules in federal and Moscow editions get scanned and placed in the electronic library of advertisement samples.

Some glossy magazines come under a so called advanced monitoring, the results of which for a month are available until its 20th day. Presently, under the said monitoring there are about 50 periodicals.

Geographic reach

The project of periodicals advertising monitoring was launched in the September of 1998. The monitoring is provided over federal and local periodicals in Moscow and St. Petersburg. At the moment, the list of periodicals under monitoring includes over 400 titles from Moscow and over 60 ones from St. Petersburg.

Update rate

Data reporting for the previous period update monthly no later than on the 20th day of the following month. The project data come either as printed reports or in the format of the special data base software Palomars AdEx.  


Marina Luchina
Head of research sector of the press

+7 (495) 935-87-18


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