Plasma display panels

Project goal

Supply of information about advertising on plasma display panels in Moscow malls with possibility to analyze the advertising market structure according to advertisers, brands, and product categories.

The project data are essential to evaluate advertising budgets and amounts, analyze advertising market structure in shops.

Research method

The project works according to the scheme of a selective monitoring under a special method based on characteristic advertising location in shops.

The data base of plasma display panels advertising is based on information about the advertising company and the information from an independent controller.

Geographic reach

Presently, the project comprises shops within Moscow.

Update rate

Data reporting for the previous period updates monthly no later than on the 20th day of the following month. The project data come either as printed reports or in the format of the special data base software Palomars AdEx. 


Lilia Vladimirova
Head of sector on work with advertisers

+7 (495) 935-87-18


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