Available information

Work with the project data base provides users with the following possibilities to solve research tasks:

TasksParameters measured
Survey of a particular market of goods / services, evaluation of a current competition situation, analysis of temporal changesKnowledge, consumption, brands loyalty  
Refuse from brands 
Consumption rate 
Consumption amount 
Personal purchase 
Intention of purchase
Selection and analysis of a target group, its preferences and behavioral response

Demographic data

Life style 
Values, principles 
Time budget
Analysis of target groups media preferences and choice of communication channels

Media data 
Attitude to advertising 
Visits to streets and cinemas of Moscow and St. Petersburg 
Use of metro and public transport 

List of measured categories

In the project Marketing Index, we measure over 350 product categories and 4000 brands of various goods and services.

Measured categories and goods include:

Alcohol-free drinks

Hot drinks

Alcohol drinks

Dairy products

Cheeses, butter


Convenience foods, groceries, spice


Fish products

Fruit and vegetables


Tobacco and smoking accessories

Body care, cosmetics, perfume

Clothes, shoes, and accessories

Children’s goods

Household cleaning products


Materials and tools for home and cottage repair

Goods for pets

Household appliances

Consumer electronics


Communications services

Financial services, banks, insurance, etc.

Discount and bonus cards

Personal services

Real estate

Direct sales companies

Recreation, travels, tourist companies

Air carriers

Post and courier companies

Restaurants, fast food kiosks, and coffee shops

Sport and fitness centertexts

Cinemas of Moscow and St. Petersburg
Visits to streets of Moscow / St. Petersburg 
Use of metropolitan in Moscow / St. Petersburg

Public transport

Topics and columns, information sources



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Ivan Ugryumov
Head of department of work with advertizing agencies
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