Consumer segmentations

For deeper analysis of various target audiences, one can use not only social-demographic parameters but also additional ready-made M’Index segmentations:

  • Domino
    • Segmentation of target groups / audiences, based on psychographic criteria characteristic of personal features and life styles of the target group representatives.

  • Life Stage
    • Segmentation, created on the basis of several social-demographic parameters (age, family status, ages of the children, if any), the combination of which defines a stage in the family life cycle.

  • Opinion leaders
    • On the basis of 2 factors (activity in discussion of a particular product / service category as well as competence and expertise in that area), this segmentation allows to select a group of opinion leaders who share information with others actively, thus forming / influencing their opinion.

  • Consumer types
    • This segmentation divides consumers of a particular product category in the groups Heavy, Medium, and Light depending on a particular product consuming rate.

  • Media Neutral Quantiles
    • Segmentation, in which all consumers of a particular media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, cinemas) from the population divide in 5 equal groups – quantiles – depending on their activity of consuming the given media. Analysis of MNQ in the target group shows the kind of media, which is most / less characteristic of it.

  • Digital Life
    • This segmentation divides Internet users of 16-64 years old in groups depending on their levels of involvement and intensity of Internet usage.


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