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Frequently, basic parameters of research are not sufficient to analyze consumers of certain brands and product groups. That is why we have adapted algorithms of data statistic analysis to integrate results of customized research in Marketing Index syndicated project. As an output, You receive a data base which, on the one hand, contains unique questions from the customized project while on the other hand – the whole diversity of Marketing Index questions. Accordingly, You acquire additional possibilities to analyze the data of a market/target group of Your concern.

Customized segmentations

If You are facing the task of target group segmentation according to certain parameters, and it cannot be carried out with the help of ready segmentations available in Marketing Index project, You may pass that task to us. 


Olga Ikonnikova
Head of department of work with advertisers
+7 (495) 788-85-48

Anastasia Kornyushina
+7 (495) 788-85-48

Ivan Ugryumov
Head of department of work with advertizing agencies
+7 (495) 788-85-48


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