Media and consumer preferences survey

Project goal

Marketing Index is a continuous marketing research of goods and services consumption, media preferences, and life style of Russians.

TNS Russia started the project in 1995 while since 2010 TNS Company has become an exclusive partner of the international network Global Target Group Index on the territory of Russia. The said partnership involves research companies from 67 countries, making syndicated studies in the field of goods and services consumption, media preferences, and life style in the whole. In the network Global TGI, Russia is represented by the Marketing Index project.

Who uses Marketing Index data:

1. Advertising agencies

  • For advertising agencies, the project information is the basis for strategic planning of marketing communications, aimed at target groups of consumers, and additional resource for planning media campaigns, performed by the agencies on the basis of TNS syndicated media projects.  

2. Media

  • Media use the research results to perform a joint analysis of the advertiser’s target groups and their own audience in order to attract advertisers to place their ads.  

3. Advertisers

Advertisers use the data for the following aims:

  • Selection and analysis of their own target group and description of its profile; 
  • Survey of the goods / services market, analysis of a competitive situation, tracking of dynamics of brands knowledge and consumption as well as consumption of a selected category in the whole; 
  • Analysis of the target group media preferences in the process of marketing communications strategy development. 


Olga Ikonnikova
Head of department of work with advertisers
+7 (495) 788-85-48

Anastasia Kornyushina
+7 (495) 788-85-48

Ivan Ugryumov
Head of department of work with advertizing agencies
+7 (495) 788-85-48


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