Project services

Data format

Project TV Index Plus information is supplied as printed reports or data bases of specialized software InfoSys and Galileo.


Software Galileo enables to work with data bases, containing the results of measurements questionnaire block. With the help of this software, users calculate parameters of topical channels recognizability, evaluate their signal level at home, and average number of viewers per month, week, and day. It is also possible to calculate loyalty parameters and social-demographic structure of the audience and compare concentration of various social-demographic features of the audience with their concentration among the whole population. In Galileo, one can analyze the degree of channels’ audiences overlapping and calculate amounts of their exclusive audiences.

InfoSys software was designed for work with data bases of electronic measurements results. A special version of the software for TV Index Plus project enables to calculate the average number of viewers, watching topical channels for a month, week, and day, taking into account various additional conditions (for example, the average number of viewers, watching the channel at least 10 minutes a day). There is also a possibility to analyze duration of watching of topical channels, dynamics of their audience during a day, and its social-demographic structure.

Software InfoSys data bases contain information about the average number of sessions – periods of continuous watching a channel by its viewers, and about duration of those sessions. More sophisticated kinds of analysis are possible, for example, calculation of amounts of watching other competitive TV channels by viewers of a certain channel X.

In the whole, data bases are useful for those subscribers of the project, whose range of tasks is wide and undetermined in advance. Usage of the software data bases enables our clients to calculate parameters for every specific target audience for a randomly selected period of time, taking into account a number of additional conditions by themselves.

The data bases subscribers are provided with an essential amount of consultations concerning operations of the software and interpretation of the received results. Regular general trainings and unlimited amount of individual consultations about work on the project data are available. 

Update rate

  • Data for September-October – by November 30;
  • Data for February-April – by May 31.

Results of the questionnaire block TV Index Plus come twice a year.

Results of electronic measurements TV Index Plus are supplied monthly.


Mariya Kamenskaya
Head of thematic channels department

+7 (495) 935-87-18


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