Project services

Data format

Information of TV Index project is available as printed reports or data base for special software InfoSys, Palomars, and TV Planet.


Daily data update is made in the format of special software InfoSys, Palomars, and TV Planet.

InfoSys and Palomars software can provide optional samplings of reports for all types of air events (TV programs, ad blocks, and clips) as well as time intervals.

With the help of the said software, users receive information about TV channels viewing; airs of TV programs, ad blocks, and clips; and demographic characteristics of the TV viewers. Reports can be made for various target audiences by choice on the basis of mean or accumulated data. Besides, the software provides the possibility to review the data in dynamics through various periods of time.

As a rule, Palomars software is used for work with programs and clips in order for media planning while InfoSys software is a tool for deep analysis of TV air programming and TV audience preferences.

Optional opportunities for media planning are also provided by TV Planet software. Among its basic characteristics one should mention a possibility to compile, analyze, and evaluate the cost of a media plan, analysis of frequency distribution of coverage, planning for a number of regions and target audiences, and other key functions for media planning.  

Printed reports possibilities

The project provides an additional possibility to receive ordered reports according to personal needs of a customer with various parameters:

  • Viewing of TV channels (based on people meter data);
  • Air dates of TV programs, ad blocks, and clips (in all the cities TV air is digitally recorded); 
  • Demographic characteristics of the research participants; 
  • Reports are available as Excel tables and PowerPoint presentations.  

Update rate

  • Moscow:
    • The provisional data of TV viewing are updated daily on a working day following the air date;
    • The final data are available on the 2nd day after the air date.
  • Russia:
      Data of Russia in the whole and of 28 Russian cities separately:
    • The provisional data are available on the 2nd day after the air date;
    • The final data - on the 4th day after the air date.


Inessa Ishounkina
Director of Internet researches

+7 (495) 935-87-18


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