Project description

Project goal

TV Index project is devoted to measuring of TV audiences amounts, research of TV viewers characteristics and preferences. TV Index data present an advertising and media markets ‘currency’ to be used as a basis to make decisions.

The research results are necessary for effective programming of the air, development of networking, and house sales. Advertising agencies use the data for effective media planning on TV, purchase of advertising time on TV channels, and evaluation of advertising campaigns efficiency.

The project customers get access to the information about amounts of TV channels’ audiences in the whole as well as those of particular programs and clips, the data of the viewers’ structure and profiles, their loyalty, and length of viewing.

Project technique

Data gathering for TV Index project is performed by means of special devices - peoplemeters. Such a device is connected to all TV sets in the household from the project’s access panel. With the help of a remote control, the participants register the starting and end points of TV watching. The device automatically records channels, watched by all family members, as well as time and length of the process. This information is recorded in the memory of a peoplemeter and then transmitted to the database of TV Index project to be processed further on.

Presently there is a transition to a new generation of peoplemeters with Audio Matching System (AMS) technology. Unlike the previous model, it can recognize a TV signal on the basis of registration of a TV program contents instead of the broadcasting technical frequency.

Technique advantages:

  • Up-to-date gathering, processing, and provision of data; 
  • Precision of measurement; 
  • Selection represents all Russians from cities with the population over 100 000, including children over 4 years old; 
  • Continuity of the research;
  • Defense from purposed influence on TV preferences of respondents; 
  • Common measuring technique on the whole territory of Russia.  

Geographic reach

Project TV Index represents the whole population of Russia aged from 4 years old, living in the cities with more than 100 000 citizens. Data are available for the following regions:

  • Russia in the whole; 
  • Moscow;
  • Large Russian cities (28 cities, including St. Petersburg).  

Update rate

  • Information on Moscow is available at the market on working days on the 2nd day after the air date;
  • Information on Russia and other cities is available on the 4th day after the air date. 


Irina Suanova
Head of the analytical and consulting department

+7 (495) 935-87-18


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