Project description

Project goal

Radio Index project is devoted to measuring of radio stations audiences’ amounts, research and analysis of the radio audience characteristics and preferences in Russia.

Radio Index project data is an indispensable tool to solve the tasks of the radio market participants.

As a rule, research results are used by radio stations, advertising agencies, and advertisers. For representatives of the radio industry, in the work with Radio Index data the top targets are positioning of the station, attraction of advertisers, and broadcasting programming. For advertising agencies, research results are of special importance for efficient media planning on the radio while for advertisers it is the need of data for analysis of the audience structure to plan and place radio advertisement.

The project subscribers get access to the information about amount, uniqueness, and loyalty of the audience, the data of place, time, and length of listening to radio stations and many other parameters.

Radio Index research has been performed by TNS Russia Company since 2000. Today the majority of the radio market participants are clients of Radio Index. Within the project, about 150 000 interviews are arranged yearly.

Project technique

Data gathering is performed with the help of CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) system telephone interview on the basis of our own call-centertext TNS Russia in Tula, employing over 500 professional and experienced interviewers.

During interviews, we use the Day-after-Recall technique – a respondent’s recollection of his yesterday. It is one of the basic methods to measure radio audience, used extensively in the world. The key question ‘What radio stations did you listen to yesterday?' helps to find out what, where, and when Russians listen to.

Technique advantages:

  • Common system of data gathering in the whole country; 
  • Common system of interview quality control in all cities; 
  • Continuity of the research; 
  • High level of the respondents’ agreement; 
  • Timely processing and provision of the data. 

Radio Index research is constantly perfected and meets demands of the modern media market.

Geographic reach

The project incorporates 65 cities with population over 100 000, representing citizens over (and including) 12 years old. Data on the radio audience are available for the following regions:

  • Russia in the whole (project Radio Index – Russia); 
  • Moscow (Radio Index – Moscow); 
  • St. Petersburg (Radio Index – St. Petersburg); 
  • Other major Russian cities (Radio Index – Cities). 

Update rate

The data on Russia are provided quarterly for the previous 6 months.

The data on Moscow and St. Petersburg are provided monthly before the 10th day of each month for the previous 3 months.

The data on 25 other cities are provided twice a year for the previous 12 months. 


Julia Nikolaeva
Head of research sector of the radio

+7 (495) 788-85-48


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