Project description

Project goal

With the help of Web Index project, we gather detailed information about the amounts and characteristics of the Internet audience in Russia. The project data represent population of Russian cities 100 000 + aged 12-54.

Project technique

Information gathering for Web Index project is performed within an access panel – a group of research respondents. Identification of the participants is made by means of a special counter, installed on monitored sites. On the sites without such TNS counter, the data are gathered with the help of special software, installed on the users’ computers.

The main advantage of the said technique is automatic registration of visits to the sites, which excludes possible mistakes connected with the need to remember all the sites, visited by a respondent during the day.

Presently, over 20 000 people from all Russia take part in the research, which enables to supply detailed data of the monitored sites to the market with hourly precision.

To measure the amount and structure of the Internet traffic in the whole (without site specification), TNS Company makes its own basic telephone survey. It is unparalleled in Russia due to the amount of selection: over 145 000 interviews a year.

Geographic reach

The project provides data about the whole Russian population aged 12-54. At this, users get access to separate data of the following Russian cities:

  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg
  • Yekaterinburg 
  • Novosibirsk 
  • Each federal area 
  • Settlements with population under 100 000 
  • Cities with population over 100 000 
  • All million population cities in the whole.  

Update rate

  • Results of access panel measurement:

The data of monitored sited for the previous week are updated in the software weekly on Fridays.

  • Results of the basic research:

Information about the amounts and structure of the Internet audience in the whole is supplied once a month.

  • Free monthly report:

In the twenties of each month, from our site you can download a new version of the free Web Indeх report for the previous month with information about the amounts and structure of the Internet audience in the whole and basic data of the monitored sites. 

Monthly Web Index reports are present here.  


Inessa Ishounkina
Director of Internet researches

+7 (495) 935-87-18


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