Triggers & Barriers Activator

Increasing in-store category conversion

Triggers and barriers are two of the most familiar terms in shopper research – and also two of the most frustrating. “I didn’t need it” and “It’s too expensive” fail to produce actionable insights and have little value in guiding growth strategies.

Triggers & Barriers Activator takes into account that conversion is a step-by-step process that shoppers struggle to recount accurately and spontaneously. It’s integrated qualitative and quantitative approach frames each conversion step to generate meaningful responses. In doing so, it identifies the obstacles shoppers pass through at each stage and delivers clear action plans for retailers and manufacturers to take forward together, with precise measures for growing both brand and category spend.

Triggers & Barriers Activator


Ranj Gill
Head of research practice

+7 (495) 935-87-18


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