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TRI*M - Customer Experience & Employee Engagement tools

  • TRI*M Customer Relationship Assessment™

      Strong customer relationships are essential for growth – yet in today’s competitive, digital age it is harder than ever for companies to secure and grow their customer base.

      TRI*M Customer Relationship Assessment recognises the complexity of the modern world, the uniqueness of individual customers and the increased threat of competition. It unlocks the insights needed to help clients identify and deliver the ‘optimal’ customer experience – understanding the balance between customers’ needs and what delivers a business profitable growth.

      It provides strategic insights to help clients identify what really matters to customers, optimise services and processes and deliver the optimal customer experience.

  • TNS Real-time Customer Feedback™

      Successful companies know what is important to their customers – and they deliver consistently in these areas.

      TNS Real-time Customer Feedback uses end-to-end customer feedback and reporting platforms to track important customer touchpoint experiences systematically.

      We offer tailor-made portals that can use advanced analytics and combine all relevant information, including social media, to provide instant and actionable insights about delivery performance and satisfaction to the people who need it. Our portals provide early warning of potential problems, helping clients ensure customer expectations are met and poor service delivery is avoided so they can effectively manage customer experiences consistently to drive growth.

  • TRI*M High Performance Organization™

      Employees are essential for the success of every business, and companies need to truly engage them to build strong and enduring customer relationships and deliver the optimal customer experience.

      High-performing organisations go beyond employee satisfaction to achieve excellence in four areas: they have engaged employees, strong leadership, staff that are aligned with the company’s goals and strategy and organisational efficiency. Success in all of these areas is a key growth enabler.

      TRI*M High Performance Organisation (HiPO) provides a comprehensive framework to identify a company’s strengths, opportunities and priority improvement areas to drive growth. And it provides meaningful key performance indicators to monitor future success.


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