Shopper Tester

Testing and identifying winning initiatives to drive sales

Many in-store initiatives are launched without a full understanding of how they will perform in reality. They are often unintentionally disruptive, helping to explain why 30 per cent of planned purchases do not end up in baskets.

Effective retail testing is critical to evaluating potential impact, ensuring success and mitigating failure, since brands and retailers rarely have the luxury of testing initiatives in real stores prior to roll-out. The key to effective testing lies in creating environments that can replicate genuine shopping behaviour.

Shopper Tester is a retail testing platform with virtual reality environments at its heart. It tests the likely outcomes of planned changes to pack, shelf layout and POSM in a simulated retail environment.

Much shopping behaviour is driven by unconscious triggers and habitual patterns. In recreating shopper behaviour in its full, relevant context, Shopper Tester provides a true guide to the potential of in-store initiatives.

Shopper Tester


Ranj Gill
Head of research practice

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