TNS Healthcare provides a wide range of research services to international and local pharmaceutical, biotech, device and diagnostic companies. Our team of professionals works closely with doctors, patients, medical representatives to provide our clients with consumer insight and help them drive distinctive decision-making. It helps them prioritize product development and portfolios, differentiate their brands and ensure product profitability after launch.

We are unique in that we bring together clinical, medical and methodological expertise, commercial/marketing know-how and proprietary data. It is this rare combination of possibilities, together with our wide connections with the market participants, that enables us to make the best and timely solutions, empowering clients to deliver better healthcare options to their customers.

Being part of global Kantar Health network, TNS Healthcare executes a National Health and Wellness Survey (NHWS) here in Russia. NHWS is the largest global data base of self-reported patient insights in the healthcare industry, including health status, attitudes, behaviors and outcomes and other information specific to Russia’s healthcare market. The sector presents information, structured according to diseases, to enable the clients to:

  • Size market opportunities using specific patient profiles; 
  • Quantify unmet needs for development and marketing new products; 
  • Measure direct and indirect costs; 
  • Gain insight into disease-specific segments; 
  • Develop publication strategies directed at specific consumer or patient segments.  
  • Other areas of our research expertise:
    • Advertising campaign efficiency evaluation;
    • Brand usage research;
    • Price research;
    • Stakeholder research, service quality surveys;
    • Evaluation of medical representatives work efficiency;
    • Brand loyalty research.


Siegfried Ertl
Head of research sector

+7 (495) 935-87-18


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