Besides global syndicated media projects TV Index, TV Index Plus, NRS, Radio Index, Web Index, Marketing Index, TNS Russia performs a lot of specialized researches, ordered by separate TV channels, radio stations, publishing houses, Internet companies, and other representatives of the media industry. 

Unlike syndicated projects, providing information about the audience in the whole, sector Custom Media researches supply data to make strategic marketing and editorial decisions inside a particular media company or media holding.

To meet special challenges, we have a professional team with skilful combination of international techniques and its own solutions. Besides great experience in marketing researches, we are famous for deep knowledge of the Russian media market. 

  • Types of research in the sector:
    • Segmentation audience studies (including the constant project ‘Segmentation of Russian TV viewers NeedScope®’);
    • Determination of general characteristics of a brand’s health index, evaluation of its competitive environment, position of the brand at the market;
    • Tracking researches;
    • Advertising materials testing (pre-test);
    • Advertising campaign efficiency evaluation (including digital post-campaign);
    • Media products (TV series, shows, programs, films, magazines, columns, etc.) testing, including those in the pilot stage;
    • Survey of a radio station musical content (catalogue and hot rotation testing);
    • Research of the Internet-services users’ satisfaction;
    • Evaluation of the amount and profile of new media audience.

  • General methods of research:
    • Telephone interviews (CATI);
    • Online interviews;
    • Personal interviews (F2F);
    • Audience tests;
    • Qualitative research methods (focus groups, depth interview, etc.).

  • Among our clients are:
    • PH 7 Days
    • HFS (Antenna-Telesem)
    • Gazprom-Media (TNT)
    • EMG (Europa Plus, Retro FM, Radio 7)
    • ProfMedia (TV3, Autoradio, Humour FM, Romantika)
    • RMG (Russkoye Radio, DFM, Maximum)
    • CTC-Media (CTC, Domashniy, Peretz)
    • Yandex


Marina Pikuleva
Lead media analyst

+7 (495) 935-87-18


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