B2B Services

The goal of research in B2B sphere is to provide research information and organization of research-based consulting service for companies specializing at industrial manufacture, transport and tourism, real estate, etc.

  • Types of studies for B2B sphere:
    • Range of researches in the field of the clients’, partners’, and employees’ satisfaction monitoring;
    • Reputation studies;
    • Study of a brand’s image;
    • Segmentation of consumers;
    • Evaluation of efficiency and advertising materials testing;
    • Price researches (to determine optimal product pricing at the market).
  • General methods of research:
    • Telephone interviews (CATI);
    • Personal interviews, including those with representatives of hard-to-reach groups (politicians, elite businessmen, millionaires, bloggers, and journalists);
    • Online interviews;
    • Qualitative research methods (focus groups, depth interview, etc.).


Ludmila Mishchenko
Head of research sector

+7 (495) 935-87-18


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