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Car Clinics

TNS Russia has been undertaking Car Clinic research since 1994. Car Clinic research is aimed at the study of prototypes: including those already in the market and forthcoming models.

  • Car Clinic tests solve a wide range of business needs
    • Optimal positioning of an existing or new model of a car in the market;

    • Evaluation of a new model’s market potential;

    • Identification of ways to stimulate the target audience to choose the car model being researched;

    • Calculation of the cannibalization risk (a consumer demand conflict between the model about to enter the market and existing models from the same manufacturer);

    • Evaluation of the possibilities of increasing the consumption prospects of the tested model.

Car Clinic research is carried out with the help of both quantitative and qualitative methods. For more detailed results, we recommend that our clients combine both methods.

  • Quantitative study. Undertaking of face-to-face interviews with 150-350 respondents according to the size of a segment under research. The forms are filled in with the help of tablet computers (PDA). Open-ended questions are gathered as audio recordings. Preliminary results of the quantitative study (on general KPI) are available for the clients in real-time mode.

  • Qualitative study. For a more detailed study of the perceptions of the tested models, focus-groups and/or in-depth interviews are recommended. Professional moderators will help to identify more comprehensive reasons for potential buyers’ behavior.

  • General types of Car Clinic projects undertaken
    • Product clinic – evaluation of the prototype's, or already existing car’s, appearance and interior for further modification;

    • Marketing clinic – analysis of the target audience and the perception of the car to develop its position based on the attitude of consumers;

    • Pricing Clinic – research aimed at the study of price positioning of a car model, either new or already present in the market;

    • Light Clinic – a scaled down version with the main accent of the Client’s car. This approach enables the customer to solve pricing issues and market positioning.

The majority of Car Clinic tests are undertaken in Moscow. If necessary, we can hire and transfer respondents from other cities.

Car Clinic organization

  • Selection of respondents
      One of the crucial parts of the project: the study is conducted on a very small selection. Therefore the quality of the received data and, accordingly, applicability of the result depends on reliability of the selection made.

      TNS makes great efforts to provide high quality respondents: before being approved to take part in the research, all the respondents have to pass multistage sampling and checking. Recruiting standards and the well-coordinated work of the project team enables us to interview up to 100 respondents daily, which gives an opportunity to decrease the number of days of the office lease greatly and, therefore, reduce the expense of the project.
  • Researcher tools
      The results of a study rely heavily on the correct preparation of the tools: forms, guides, price tests, etc.

      TNS has great experience in conducting such studies in Russia. All the tools for the research are developed to solve specific business necessities of a client. Furthermore, TNS has a wide network of experts from all over the world who provide support in the undertaking of complicated research.
  • Logistics
      Apart from conducting research into the Car Clinic project it is necessary to provide an adequate venue to meet all necessary demands. We divide the venue into zones and rooms, find and deliver the cars used in the exhibition, and we also provide a security service for the exhibition and a full office compliment for the duration of the work.

      TNS takes complete responsibility for solving these tasks, enabling the Clients to concentrate on the research part of the project.
  • Security
      As a rule, the undertaking of a Car Clinic project is treated as confidential. It is necessary to exclude the possibility of photographs leaking before the official announcement is made public. Aside from providing multi-level security guards at the facility, all photo and video devices are controlled tightly. TNS treats client confidentiality as a top priority.
  • Questionnaire
      As a rule, the Clients participate directly in the fieldwork part of Car Clinic projects. It is a unique opportunity to hear what supposed buyers say about tested cars. For the respondents, the event seems like a private car exhibition where in one hall they have a chance to study competing models in detail.

      The TNS team pays great attention to the conditions of a project for both our clients and guests (respondents). For the clients, we provide a professional office environment with access to the Internet and hot meals, which enables our clients to focus solely on the job in hand.

      For our guests, we provide a comfortable waiting area, refreshing soft drinks, snacks and sweets.
  • Efficiency of information
      Car Clinic studies are famed for the speed of its information analysis. Sometimes there may only be a matter of weeks before the model being researched enters the market!

      TNS provides our clients with up-to-date information in a real-time mode at the same place of the research being done. On the last day of the fieldwork part of the project, the Client is already aware of responses to the majority the research’s main questions.


Yaroslav Zaitsev
Head of research sector

+7 (495) 788-85-48


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