Automotive Omnibus

Automotive Omnibus

This is a comprehensive syndicated research, providing the most complete representation of the automobile market development in Russia.

Results of this constant research are available for all subscribers of the project. The research is carried out quarterly according to a particular schedule, selection, and form type.


Data gathering method: online interview according to a specialized automobile access-panel, the form containing from 20 to 50 questions.

Geographic reach: All Russian cities with population over 100 000.  

Questioned are men and women from 18 to 60 years old either owning a car or intending to buy one.

Selection of the study represents the automotive market structure according segments and brands of automobiles. In the total, one wave comprises about 800 interviews.  

The study covers all major brands of automobiles.

The final report of the study develops the following themes:

  • Prospects of the market development; 
  • Loyalty to automobiles brands; 
  • Evaluation of brands’ strength; 
  • Images of automobiles brands; 
  • Profiles of cars owners and potential buyers. 

Update rate

The research is made four times a year once a quarter.

To obtain additional information, the project subscribers are allowed to add their own questions in the form. One of the advantages of the standard report subscription is receipt along with the report of the present wave reports of the previous ones in a set. 


Yaroslav Zaitsev
Head of research sector

+7 (495) 788-85-48


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