Work of TNS Automotive sector is focused on supply of research information and organization of consulting service on its basis, development of strategic instruments together with our clients to encourage realization of innovative ideas, track efficiency of marketing communications, evaluate customers’ behavior, and find crucial factors influencing success of brands and business expansion of companies at the automotive market.

Types of research in the sector:

  • Strategic studies of Usage & Attitude type (consumers’ habits and preferences) to find and study segments of the market and consumers; 
  • So-called automobile clinics (extended hall-test where respondents are able to test a car personally, evaluate its design, interior, accessories, price parameters, possible positioning, etc.) to evaluate market reaction to a new product; 
  • Monitoring of clients’ satisfaction with the quality of provided services in the process of sale and afterwards; 
  • Study of brands’ images; 
  • Advertising campaign efficiency evaluation including usage of unique methods TNS Growth Tools and syndicated projects; 
  • Evaluation of consumers’ attitude to the cars’ quality. 

Great experience of TNS at the automobile and adjacent markets all over the world, rich practice of partnership with all world leading manufacturers, a large number of international syndicated projects, easily adapted to special conditions of home markets as well as constant exchange of actual solutions of our clients’ widely ranging tasks make a unique basis for successful development of automobile market research in Russia.  

  • General methods of research:
    • Telephone interviews (CATI);
    • Personal interviews;
    • Online interviews; 
    • Mystery shopping;
    • Hall-tests;
    • Qualitative research methods (focus groups, depth interview, etc.).


Yaroslav Zaitsev
Head of research sector

+7 (495) 788-85-48


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