Customer, Employee & Reputation

Relationship management

Successful and growing companies recognise customers as an asset to drive growth through retention, increased spend and attracting new customers. And they know the importance of employees in delivering the optimal customer experience.

Successful companies build a loyal customer base by creating and consistently delivering outstanding customer experiences by focusing on the areas that really matter most to customers. They go beyond employee engagement by establishing a high performance culture that delivers value to customers and provides growth for the organisation.

TNS is the world’s leading agency for customer and employee research with a network of over 800 experts in more than 80 countries and world class solutions that are used by over half of Fortune Top 100 companies. The solutions we offer provide clear, tailored and actionable direction to help clients identify what really matters to their customers, optimise their services and processes anddeliver the optimal customer experience.

TRI*M Explore our Customer, Employee & Reputation growth tools below:


Marina Bytchenko
Head of research sector

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