Qualitative research

Qualitative research

Knowledge of consumers and understanding of their needs, including hidden and unmet ones, is a key factor for successful business. Qualitative studies provide answers to the question ‘Why?’ in each field of work where a consumer is present.

Understanding of causal relationship is a key stone of our worldview.

Our aim is to provide a client with tools for his business expansion – actual information about mind work of involved and potential consumers.

‘Presently, in the hard competitive environment, the traditional marketing model is changing. Companies are turning from the product attitude (first they make products, and then customers select the most fitting of them) to the consumer attitude. Thus, consumers themselves inform product manufacturers of their real needs’, - Olga Sapozhnikova, Chief of the TNS Russia Department of Qualitative Research. 

  • We call ourselves experts in the field of qualitative research because:
    • Our team consists of experienced professionals with extensive record of work at the Russian market; 
    • We are sociologists and psychologists with a clear understanding of historical and cultural context of our country’s development and its influence on consumers’ minds;
    • We are one of the world largest research agencies with a great data base of knowledge and techniques, applied at various markets in different situations; 
    • We are inquisitive, tireless, and always eager to understand the nature of human actions; 
    • We are always aimed at strategic input in development of our client’s business; 
    • We not only provide our client with information about the consumers. We are eager to make understanding of the audience’s demands become the basis for development of a company’s marketing strategy and enable it to create the most competitive offer at the market.

  • We offer high-quality solutions* for each stage of interaction between a product / brand and a consumer:
    • Strategic segmentation of consumers according to their demands in the category, determination of motives, barriers, and unmet demands; 
    • Development and testing of new products concepts (NPD – New Product Development); 
    • Brand audit; 
    • Pre / post testing of advertising campaigns; 
    • Testing of marketing mix elements: concepts, packing, logos, names, slogans; 
    • Study of satisfaction levels of consumers / customers with goods and services. 

    * Our solutions are based on traditional methods (personal communication with consumers) and can be accompanied with online methods. The present attitude is recommended in situations where understanding of a context environment (mobile solutions, blogs) is of special importance or where there are time limits combined with wide geographic reach (online focus groups).  

Development of innovative offers requires a special approach. Thus, to receive optimal results, we have invented a number of special patented TNS techniques.

  • Part 1: Insightment. Changing observation into insight!

      Challenge: Finding possible areas of business expansion.

      Solution: Understanding of a consumer as a basis to invent new offers / expand the business.

      There is a possibility to understand internal needs of a consumer as it is fixed in the consumer’s language and behavior. The said needs are not always material: not infrequently they are based on emotions and provide business with new opportunities for expansion.

      Where does such an insight come from?

      • Step 1: Observation of consumers, understanding their world. How: immersion in the world of consumers by means of observation of their lives, communication with the particular goods category experts, collecting of data by analyzing open sources and present information (including quantitative data).
      • Step 2: Changing of observations into understanding. How: after collecting all data, the latter are processed and interpreted in certain schemes for use in Insightment™ workshop, where the client’s team takes an active part. To obtain an effective result, we apply particular techniques, converting hundreds of observations in a source of special information.

      Result: Reliable actual information fit as a basis for development of new opportunities for business expansion. All the data are based on real customers’ behavior.

  • Part 2: Supergroups. Creating new ideas and bright conceptions!

      Challenge: Finding definite directions and wording of basic ideas to invent new offers / expand the business.

      Solution: Work with creative consumers, the client’s team, and designers to invent bright and convincing ideas.

      How to turn consumers’ creative ideas in the business-oriented direction?

      Supergroups are formed in the way to base new ideas on the earlier found understanding of customers’ behavior and to link them to the client’s strategic goals. Consumers are offered clearly limited areas for their creativity while actuality and clarity of their ideas are controlled not only by the client’s team and us but also by similar consumers – participants of supergroups.

      In the process of supergroups work, we apply the most modern techniques to stimulate creative abilities to invent fascinating but real ideas. Then we focus on transforming the best ideas in concepts ready to be checked by consumers.

      Result: Clearly formulated concepts with descriptions of new ideas to meet particular business challenges.

  • Part 3: Superсlinics. Polishing the invented concepts to brightness!

      Challenge: Choice of one / several innovative ideas and their finishing to provide new offers / business development.

      Solution: Up-to-date check of the ideas with reference to opinions of various types of consumers.

      How can we be sure that our ideas are fit for various types of consumers?

      Three types of consumers take part in our work:

      • Early followers: open to everything new and inclined to experiments, easily adopt new ideas, participate in their finishing; 
      • Common users: have standard demands in the category (characteristic of the majority), evaluate new ideas for actuality and reasonability for them; 
      • Creative consumers: creative and energetic personalities, aimed at inventing new ideas in their own consumer language. 

      All consumers – participants of Superclinics – are selected according to special techniques, many times approved especially in innovative projects.

      Evaluation of the ideas is both constructive and creative and comes from a consumer’s point of view. The client’s team integrates in the process and makes decisions in the course of the project.

      Result: Optimized conceptions, based on consumer perception.

At the end of the three stages, we receive concepts of innovations – a cumulative result to go on with – introduce new offers or subject them to quantitative testing. 

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Olga Sapozhnikova
Head of research sector

+7 (495) 935-87-18


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