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Development of new goods or services is a vitally important aspect of business development. However, over 80% of innovations fail afterwards. Moreover, some of those with good results do not encourage business development.

Here in TNS we understand that the most important thing in the process of a new product development is its potential from the point of possibility to provide additional profits or turnover due to attraction of new consumers, not redistribution of the old ones among brands of an extended portfolio. The so called cannibalization (a situation where a new product "eats" up the sales and demand of an existing product) presents a special risk of portfolio extension, which is the most common scheme of new products launches.

Our studies, based on individual level interpolations, challenge traditional methods of aggregated analysis to help our clients understand the real effect of a new product or service launch and evaluate a possible additional increase of their customer base.

We are eager to minimize guess approach at the earliest stage of a new product development. For it, we help our clients to define and range potentially successful market opportunities before the creative process of a new product idea development begins. Search for market niches at the earliest stage enables to drive creative efforts in the right direction, saving the total time of the process and minimizing risks at the product manufacturing launch.  

To carry out the above tasks, we apply classical research solutions as well as unique techniques TNS Growth Tools:


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