Mystery Shopping research

TNS has an extensive experience of research in the Mystery Shopping field, enabling to make deep and high-quality analysis of various aspects of interaction between a seller and consumer at the moment of sale of a product or service. We not only collect the data but also provide our clients with an objective background for business decisions while managing the sales and service.

We provide our clients – service companies, retailers, manufacturers of goods and services – with key information, presenting advantages in competition and enabling to make timely and effective decisions for work with partners and consumers.

Mystery shoppers of TNS visit various retailer shops and service points, ask for consultation, make purchases, and use services according to expertly developed scenarios, which enable us to evaluate the work of retailing staff and level of service quality standards.

As a result, our clients receive up-to-date, reliable, and objective evidence of situations in retail points during interaction of a manager or consultant with a consumer, level of service standards, display and promotion of their goods and services. Besides, we help to study the work of their competitors and control their retail business partners. This enables our clients to make their decisions timelier and more effectively, optimize service and work of retail departments.

Providing the opportunity to see themselves from the point of view of a real consumer, we help our clients to extend the audience of loyal consumers faster, to sell their goods and services more effectively.

TNS is a member of MSPA (Mystery Shopper Provider Association) – an international organization, comprising over 300 companies, working on Mystery Shopping projects all over the world. The main goal of MSPA is to support and develop the Mystery Shopping expertise.

Modern techniques

Working on Mystery Shopping projects, we thoroughly keep to all the requirements of the projects methodology and carefully select, train, and control our mystery shoppers. In the research, we apply the following modern techniques:

  • Online system of data gathering and reporting, enabling our clients to receive the current report of each visit in 1-2 days after it was made; 
  • Audio records of telephone calls and visits, enabling to perceive all the stages of interaction in every detail. 

Among our clients there are lots of leading international service companies, manufacturers of goods and services, and retail store chains.

Syndicated studies

With the help of Mystery Shopping research method, TNS works on lots of projects to study client service. Due to this work, TNS has acquired extensive knowledge in the field of client service at the automobile market and collected a large amount of statistic data.

On the basis of this experience and data, experts from TNS analyzed the quality of client servicing at the Russian automobile market. Read the series of analytic reviews about the quality of customers service


Gregory Bondarenko
Head of research sector

+7 (495) 935-87-18


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