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In the field of Brand & Communications research expertise we offer our clients great possibilities to develop efficient strategies to manage a brand and form its long-term connection with consumers. Our techniques of communication with brands research (emotional connection, loyalty, and communications) are based on world standards of research and our extensive experience, accumulated for many years of work at the Russian market.

Understanding dynamics of consumers’ decisions to choose one brand or another is crucial to form efficient strategies of marketing communications and promotion of goods. However, in the modern world with a lot of various factors influencing the choice of a consumer, it presents a certain challenge.

As the leading company in the field of marketing research, TNS has accumulated a great data base from hundreds of thousands consumer interviews. We realize consumers’ motives and can provide adequate schemes of their decision making processes and factors, influencing the choice of one brand or another.  

Our expert solutions in the field of brands and communications enable our clients to expand their business while their brands to become leaders not only at the market but also in the consumers’ minds.

In the research, we consider a brand from the point of strategy of its promotion, positioning among the target audience, awareness, and uniqueness. We study a brand representation in its category, influence of its advertising on consuming, and its perception by consumers.

Study of consumers’ preferences and their segmentation according to rational and emotional perceptions is an important area in brand research.

To carry out the above tasks, we apply classical research solutions as well as unique techniques TNS Growth Tools:  

  • NeedScope™ - segmentation, including emotional aspects of brands perception;  
  • ConversionModel™ - measurement of brands’ strength at the market.


Tatiana Shirkina
Senior Consultant

+7 (495) 935-87-18


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