Olympics Opening Ceremony scores the highest TV audience

The Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony collected unprecedentedly wide TV audience for sporting events.

21.11.2013 Company news
Mobile Internet Research Results

For the first time TNS Russia has presented results of its mobile Internet research.

10.10.2013 Press-release
Development of TNS Russia Television Audience Measurement

Since 2014, the size of current measurement panel will increase significantly. Since 2017, television audience measurements will be held in all Russian cities.

08.08.2013 Company news
The psychographic analysis in the M'Index project

Within TNS Marketing Index project, the method of psychographic analysis Semiometrie was realized.

10.06.2013 Company news
Final Audit of TNS Russia system of television measurements

According to the final report of independent auditors, the system is completely matching international requirements of television measurements and ready for TV transition to the digital standard of broadcasting.

28.05.2013 Company news
Review of the advertisement market (the first quarter of 2013)

According to TNS Russia studies results, the total amount of advertisers in all mass media in the first quarter of 2013 comprised 34 794 companies, which is 1% lower than the last year’s number.

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