Russians are ready to pay more for high-quality and eco-friendly products


Moscow, October 15th – based on the results of Marketing Index survey, TNS Russia experts name the following trends in consumer behavior in the 1st half of 2014:

71% of Russians are ready to pay more for high-quality products

According to the survey, Russian consumers have a tendency to buy healthier food of higher quality: in the last 3 years the number of Russians ready to pay more for high-quality products has increased to 4% (up to 71%) and eco-friendly products (67%)

72% of Russians pay attention to advertising

The survey states that 72% of Russian populations over 16 years old do pay attention to advertising. They mostly pay attention to advertising media of primary contact, like TV (52%), newspapers (32%), city boards (28%), magazines (27%) and radio (27%).

Most Russians avoid incidental expenses, though about one third of them admitted that they like spending money without thinking twice (28%).

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