For Programmers and IT-specialists

The work of technical specialists in TNS is fundamental for the production process and high-grade client service

We use a modern approach to programming and use progressive technologies based on Windows and Linux. We choose proper tools and systems according to the tasks involved. Therefore, we have an experience of practical use of C#, C++, Python, JavaScript, PHP, DBMS MSSQL and MySQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, multimedia libraries GStreamer, FFmpeg, libraries for working with images and data OpenCV, Intel IPP, Boost, cross-platform libraries and development frameworks Qt, data bases MongoDB, PostgreSQL, platforms node.js, etc. In our Programming Division there are 6 independent departments, divided according to the directions of their work: 3 departments of project automation (media research and data monitoring), high load systems development department, corporate information systems (CRM) department and data-base administrations department.

What TNS has already achieved: some examples

  • Аutomation of Internet research

      In the sphere of Internet research, our team has created and continues to develop a numerical counter of downloaded pages and advertising ( It is one of the major counters in the world: we receive up to 7 billion query reports and hundreds of gigabytes of data. To receive, process, and save them within 5-10 milliseconds per each query, providing working capacity in the 24Х7 mode, is a rather complicated task. To solve it, we use high-load systems profiling technology on the basis of Linux with dynamic balance of data-flow and ranging. We have also developed robots which, like 'avatars', imitate the habits of about 5 thousand real-life Internet users in various Russian cities and abroad. Such imitation enables us to realize targeted advertising campaigns aimed at certain user categories. This project required from us the most in-depth study of technologies to create large sites and leading systems of ad-ware on the Internet as well as special features of browsers and proxy-servers.

  • Аutomation of television research projects

      TNS Russia is an industrial supplier of television ratings data. Our data allows us to evaluate the number of people watching broadcasts or advertisements and analyze the social-demographic features of those people. To receive such data, special devices are installed in the families, with their prior agreement to participate in the studies. These devices continually monitor particular TV channels and the time of their viewing according to each family member. The information, gathered from more than 7 thousand people all over Russia, is transmitted daily to our Moscow computing сenter to be controlled, statistically processed and prepared for distribution to the clients. The whole process is automated.

      Within the same project, we provide full-time recording of more than 800 terrestrial, satellite, and cable channels in Moscow and 30 other Russian cities. Hourly video recordings of a tremendous size are collected and scanned to reveal local broadcasting and blocks of ads. After that the results of identification are checked and added up with the necessary information by hand. Monthly, we fix and describe over 10 million 'air events' - television broadcasts and advertising while the size of our actual DB for this project exceeds 200GB. To enable our clients to receive up-to-date and reliable data of TV viewing, our specialists have developed a unique system of TV viewing data gathering and processing, including the means of automatic circuit management and distributed processing, independent multi channeled systems of broadcast recording and the means of sound and vision analyses.

  • Automation of interview systems – marketing studies

      TNS is the only major research company to have its own geographically distributed call-сenter, made to conduct telephone interviews all over the country. The call-сenter uses over 600 digital telephone lines simultaneously, and its management is completely automated. This enables us to smoothly provision work as well as selecting telephone numbers and establishing connections automatically. Further processing of the interview results is also automated. All this enables us to hold over 300 studies annually, involving hundreds of thousands of respondents.

Join us! We provide our technical specialists with an opportunity to grow professionally. We offer a friendly team atmosphere and comfortable working conditions to solve our complicated research tasks.

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