Mystery Shopping

TNS Russia offers you an opportunity to have a part-time job. We suggest you to become a «mystery shopper».

The work as a «mystery shopper» within TNS Mystery Shopping research projects is an opportunity, which will enable you to combine pleasant activity (shopping, dining, visiting car dealers, etc.) with a useful one – earning additional money.

During a research project, the «mystery shopper» visits trading and service points pretending to be a regular customer. He consults a manager, chooses goods, tries, tastes and buys. Then he renders his experience of a shopper in a special form. For each timely and correctly filled form, the «mystery shopper» receives payment.

The work of a «mystery shopper» has its own mission: participating in such studies, you are helping companies to operate their services, help managers become work better, help other customers to get service of higher quality. Your knowledge and result of work as a «mystery shopper» will contribute to improving of customer service in various companies in our country. 

If you have time and ambition to work as a «mystery shopper», please fill in a form at our site. We guarantee confidentiality of your personal data according to the Russian Federation legislation.

If you have already filled in the form, you may go to your page.

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