TNS quality standards

Precise data necessary to develop business of our clients are the main product of our company. To meet high expectations of our customers and provide them with error-free work on TNS researches results, we pay special attention to the execution quality of all our projects.

TNS Russia maintains corporate policy in the field of quality control. Besides international research standards developed by professional associations ESOMAR and OIROM (ISO 20252:2006), we also follow our own local strict requirements to research techniques inside the company, set within our own Quality Management System at an international level.

In particular, our internal standards regulate:

  • Level of our staff training;
  • Quality control level; 
  • Quality control techniques of the received data; 
  • Number of other work parameters.  

ISO Certification

TNS Russia is the one of the first research companies in Russia certified according to the international standard for research companies and organizations ISO 20252:2006. In 2012, within the sector of customized marketing researches, TNS Russia had successfully passed the audit for compliance with standards of ISO, provided by ISO certified auditor company CSS.

Certificate of ISO 20252:2006 establishes common requirements to services at the market of marketing and social studies, including:

  • Availability of a documented management quality system at the marketing studies provider; procedure of regular audits of the system; 
  • Availability of staff training and upgrading programs; 
  • Effective system of cooperation with subcontractors; 
  • Complete transparency of research methods for clients, which includes a possibility to check their key stages and performance reporting; 
  • Provision of the information safety, integrity, and confidentiality; 
  • Check and approval of the research general stages.

You can see the copy of ISO certificate, given to TNS Company, here.

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